mercredi 2 avril 2014


For my birthday (which was in February) I had as present a dinner at the Eiffel Tower restaurant, so you can imagine how excited and thankful I was about this awesome gift. Above all last Friday was the first time I ate in a "Gourmet Restaurant".

I wore a dress from Forever21 and because it is still cold during evenings in Paris I took my Zara pink coat with me. As essential accessory I carried around my Sabrina Paris' bag (Camille style) which is one of my favorite because it's the perfect shape and size for all my stuff and I tell you, there are always a lot of things in my bag (don't hesitate to let a comment below if you want an overview of what's inside).

At the restaurant, we were sitting at one of the best table, close to the window with an awesome view of the Trocadéro. The food was delicious, sometimes it is nice to put the gluten-free diet to one side. We ate salmon as starter, chicken for the main course, a 100% chocolate dessert and of course a green tea at the end because if you follow me on Instagram you know how addicted I am with tea!

At the end, we enjoyed the view of Paris from the Eiffel Tower and by night it was absolutely magical...

lundi 17 mars 2014


I am still learning a lot about make up. During my trip to New York City I bought some essentials make up and beauty products that I read good reviews on them.

The Anastasia brow powder duo perfect to fill in my brows naturally. I use the shade "Taupe" which is recommended for light hair.
Eyeliner from Urban Decay in "Corrupt". Black eyeliner doesn't work on me but this brown color is great!
A Cream eyeliner for the inner corner of my eyes. I was looking for the Stila one but they were out of stock, so I got the Sephora one. I am a little disappointed because it doesn't even last 2 hours.
Some Revlon and NYX lipglosses, before buying these I only had 2 lipglosses so I thought it was the right time to find some new ones
Tarte blush in "Dollface" color. I am always looking for something natural when it comes to make up and this blush is good in the job.
OPI top coat to make my homemade manicure last longer.
It's 10 and Macadamia lotion, both perfect to take care of my heat damaged hair.
Dove deodorant, my favorite (that I can't find in France so I always stock up when I can)
And last but of course not least, Victoria's Secret body lotions and mists that I don't need to introduce!

What are your favorite essentials?

dimanche 16 mars 2014


It's been a while since I haven't posted an article. It's the beginning of my blog and I still have to work on combine it with my daily life. But I have a ton of ideas and I wish I could share them with you really soon. 
Meanwhile I baked a gluten-free bread for the first time and I wanted to show you the result. Ok.. to be completely honest with you it doesn't look great but it tastes amazing!! I used the recipe found on the Taralyn's blog (SimplyTaralynn) You can find the ingredients and the directions here. I love her blog full of amazing recipes and tips for living a healthy life, don't hesitate to visit it if you don't know it already!

And if you have other nice gluten-free recipes blogs don't hesitate to let a comment below I'll be happy to read them.

I hope the next one will be more appealing because I'm thinking about giving this bread a new try soon!

lundi 24 février 2014


When I went to NYC I was determined to visit WHOLE FOODS MARKET and find some gluten-free products. How happy I was when I realized there was one at walking distance from our apartment.

I feel better when I avoid gluten. However in France when you head to a supermarket, gluten-free products you can find are only: bread, cookies or pasta. So I was in heaven when I saw the large range of products you can find in WHOLE FOODS! I would LOVE to have that kind of store here in France, it would make my journey a little bit easier.

Here is a haul of what I bring home with me. It was so hard to decide because I wanted to buy everything but had to remember I had only one suitcase!!

  1. Larabar perfect gluten-free protein bar. I tried many flavors and they are all amazing.
  2. Udi's Gluten-free Granola, raw almonds & cashews
  3. Chia seeds 
  4. Bob's Red Mill Almond & Brown rice flour.

Can't wait to share some recipes with you!

vendredi 21 février 2014


We had so much fun in New York city and here is some pictures I would love to share with us. It was really cold and snowy but that didn't stop us to walk around the city. Starbucks, Victoria's Secret, Macy's and so on were there to keep us warm ;-)
It was the second time I went to NY and I have to say that it was as magical as the first one. The city is full of lovely places, yummy restaurant, interesting museums and of course nice people!

I have to share one more thing with you: we went to a basketball game (76ers of Philadelphia vs Nets of Brooklyn) and Beyoncé and Jay-Z was in the audience, I was crazy!

I'm now back to work and can't wait to plan a next trip! Do you have some vacations plans?

Some fun posts will be online next week so stay tuned :)