dimanche 16 mars 2014


It's been a while since I haven't posted an article. It's the beginning of my blog and I still have to work on combine it with my daily life. But I have a ton of ideas and I wish I could share them with you really soon. 
Meanwhile I baked a gluten-free bread for the first time and I wanted to show you the result. Ok.. to be completely honest with you it doesn't look great but it tastes amazing!! I used the recipe found on the Taralyn's blog (SimplyTaralynn) You can find the ingredients and the directions here. I love her blog full of amazing recipes and tips for living a healthy life, don't hesitate to visit it if you don't know it already!

And if you have other nice gluten-free recipes blogs don't hesitate to let a comment below I'll be happy to read them.

I hope the next one will be more appealing because I'm thinking about giving this bread a new try soon!

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