lundi 24 février 2014


When I went to NYC I was determined to visit WHOLE FOODS MARKET and find some gluten-free products. How happy I was when I realized there was one at walking distance from our apartment.

I feel better when I avoid gluten. However in France when you head to a supermarket, gluten-free products you can find are only: bread, cookies or pasta. So I was in heaven when I saw the large range of products you can find in WHOLE FOODS! I would LOVE to have that kind of store here in France, it would make my journey a little bit easier.

Here is a haul of what I bring home with me. It was so hard to decide because I wanted to buy everything but had to remember I had only one suitcase!!

  1. Larabar perfect gluten-free protein bar. I tried many flavors and they are all amazing.
  2. Udi's Gluten-free Granola, raw almonds & cashews
  3. Chia seeds 
  4. Bob's Red Mill Almond & Brown rice flour.

Can't wait to share some recipes with you!

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